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10 Reasons We Love Gilbert Blythe

10 Reasons We Love Gilbert Blythe

It's no secret that I love Anne of Green Gables, and what would Anne be without her swoon-worthy hero, Gilbert Blythe?  I've had a crush on Gil (what girl hasn't?) since I first read AoGG, and so I thought I'd round up some of the reasons that have made women across the ages swoon when it comes to this curly-headed boy-next-door.


1. He Loves Anne Wholeheartedly

No matter how many scrapes and mishaps Anne gets into, Gil just keeps on loving her without trying to change all the quirky little things that make her Anne.  Deep down every woman desires to be loved for who she is. 

2. He's the Ultimate Boy-Next-Door:

I think Diana sums him up best,

" 'He's aw'fly handsome, Anne.  And he teases the girls something terrible. He just torments our lives out.' Diana's voice indicated that she rather liked having her life tormented out."

You can't help but love Gil with his "curly brown hair, roguish hazel eyes and a mouth twisted into a teasing smile". While Gilbert didn't literally live next door, he was there through Anne's awkward growing up years (dyed green hair anyone?) and their relationship grew softly over time from rivals, to friends to lovers.

3.  He Goes After What He Wants:

Gil has wanted Anne since he first called her carrots and she broke her slate over his head.  No matter how many times she turns him down (can we ever forget her "let's just be friends" speech the first time Gil proposed?) he patiently waits.... as he said "there never could be anyone else for me but you". swoon.

4. He Can Stand His Ground:

While Gilbert would do just about anything to make Anne happy, he's not one of those spineless saps who follows his girl around all moony-eyed and jumps to do her every command.  He's not afraid to stand his ground with Anne, as he did in regards to the need for Dick Moore's operation in Anne's House of Dreams, and we're so glad he did!

5. He Has a Sense of Humor:

Before Anne admits how she really feels about Gilbert, she recognizes that life would be very dull without someone who can appreciate a good joke.

"She had once told Roy a funny story- and he had not seen the point of it.  She recalled the chummy laugh she and Gilbert had had over it, and wondered uneasily if life with a man who had no sense of humor might be somewhat uninteresting in the long run."- Anne of the Island.

There's something to be said for a man who can make you laugh.

6. He's Not Afraid of Hard Work:

When Gilbert's father can't afford to put him through college he "means to earn his own way through" by teaching school.  Of course once he's finally in med school and on his way to becoming a Doctor he works a little too hard. "Dat boy, he just keel himself at colloge."...but we can forgive him that scare for it's what ultimately brought him & Anne together!

7. Not Intimidated By a Girl With Brains:

He's Anne's biggest supporter when it comes to her writing and academic accomplishments, and he's confident enough in himself to congratulate her in front of the whole school when she beats him by five points in their final examinations.  Sometimes "being smart is better than being good-looking."  Although we all know Gilbert's just as smitten with Anne's red hair and "the big eyes that weren't like the eyes of any other girl in Avonlea school".

8. He Plays the Knight in Shining Armor Very Well:

When Gilbert rescues Anne from the pond after the girls' botched attempt at recreating The Lady of Shalott women everywhere swooned.

9.  He Loves Her Even When She's a Pain in the Butt:

Even though Anne has stubbornly held onto her grudge and refused to forgive Gilbert in regards to the "carrots" incident so many years before, Gilbert goes right on loving her and doing what he can to show her.  When Matthew dies, Gilbert selflessly gives Anne his position at the Avonlea school so she can stay at home with Marilla. A man who sacrifices for the one he loves even when they don't deserve it? Yes, please!

10. He's a Sentimental Romantic:

When it comes to Anne, Gilbert's not above letting her know exactly how he feels....

"Your friendship can't satisfy me, Anne! I want your love."

"I have a dream-I persist in dreaming it, although it has often seemed to me that it could never come true. I dream of a home with a hearth-fire in it, a cat and dog, the footsteps of friends- and you!"- Anne of the Island


You can keep your mysteriously aloof Mr. Darcy, I'll take the charming Gilbert Blythe any day!

I'm so blessed to have found my own Gilbert Blythe, brown hair, hazel eyes, teasing disposition and all!  So thank you Gil, for setting the standard high ;)



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