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5 Literary Quotes That Best Express How We Feel About Fall!

5 Literary Quotes That Best Express How We Feel About Fall!

My blogging has been a little scarce as I was working to finish up some edits and rewrites before entering the first five pages of my manuscript in ACFW's First Impressions contest! My stomach gets all fluttery thinking about someone reading my work and not knowing what the outcome will be. But, as in all things regarding my writing, I'm learning to rest in the knowledge that this is where God wants me to be at the moment.

As of this last week, Fall is in full-swing here in the Blue Ridge Mountains! The leaves are a riot of gold and crimson against the dusky blue of surrounding mountains and it makes my heart thrill to live in the midst of all this beauty. If Autumn were contained in a glass I could never drink my fill of her.

In honor of all the Fall splendor surrounding us, I thought I'd share with you 5 of my favorite literary quotes that perfectly express how I feel about Fall!






All of my college roommates, along with their husbands and sweet babes, are coming together for our annual reunion this weekend! We've got big plans for all of our favorite fall things, including Virginia Tech football, coffee, loads of comfort food, and a trip to the pumpkin patch! Of course, there will be plenty of baby snuggles and life-giving conversation as well :)

Do you have any fun Fall activities or traditions planned for the weekend ahead?

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