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Create the Community You Crave

We crave to belong somewhere, to know who our people are. We want to feel connected, involved, wanted. But what if you don't have community? Maybe you walk into church or your campus ministry and you look around at all these different groups of people who seem like they belong, and you sit there alone wondering where you fit in. What now?

16 Things I Wish I Knew In College

With students trickling back into Blacksburg, classes starting next week and Jonathan and I gearing up for the months of college ministry ahead of us I've been thinking a lot about my own college experience and things I wish I'd known or would've done differently at the time. 

2016 ACFW Mix & Mingle

This week I'm linking up with Laurie Tomlinson and joining in the fun of her pre-conference mix and mingle! A few weeks ago I posted about how I'm going to the ACFW Conference in Nashville this August. While I'm stoked about getting the chance to meet other writers/authors and learn all I can from the amazing workshops, I'm also a little terrified seeing as how I know absolutely no one else who is going! 

My Favorite Love Story [Five Years]

I like to say that our story began at Virginia Tech, but really it began long before then.  It began before the creation of the world, when God in his infinite wisdom laid out the pages of our lives. Writing the very moment when two of his children, born on opposite sides of the country, one in California and one in North Carolina, would cross miles and state-lines to come together at just the right moment in a small college town in Southwest VA.