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The Single Girl's Guide to Wedding Season

The Single Girl's Guide to Wedding Season

Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner, and so is the unofficial start of wedding season. While weddings can be a wonderful time of celebration, seeing everyone else so happily-in-love can be hard when you're still waiting on your Boaz to appear. Today, my amazing sister, Aimee, is guest-posting on how to make the most of being single during wedding season.

Aimee currently lives in England where she's on staff with Globalscope- a Christian organization dedicated to building authentic campus ministries at universities around the world. Here's what she has to say:

I was very single for about ten years, and during those ten years I went to a lot of weddings.   Most of the time I looked forward to the weddings and thoroughly enjoyed myself while there.  But from time to time, being single at a yet another wedding would be kind of depressing.  “Ugh! Why does everyone have to be so cute and in love?”  I’d think. 

This post is written a bit more toward those who fall in the latter category but hopefully has some advice anyone and everyone could benefit from.

If the thought of going to a wedding and watching people in love makes you depressed, find something besides romance to get excited about.  Here are a few ideas…

Seeing other friends. 
Most likely, many of the weddings you’ll be attending will be of friends from within your friendship circle.  So it might not make a big difference if you see these people on a Saturday evening, because you see them all the time anyways.  But try to think of someone you haven’t had a good, intentional conversation with in a while and seek that person out.  While everyone else is cha cha sliding, you could end up having an encouraging conversation. 

If the wedding will bring together friends you haven’t seen in a while, then that’s all the more reason to celebrate!  Ask around and try to figure out who else will be there and let yourself get really excited about catching up with someone you haven’t seen in months or years. 

Making the whole day a girls’ day. 
Are a bunch of your girl friends also going to that wedding?  Make a day of it.  Go out for brunch, or go to one friend’s house and make brunch together.  Then head to someone else’s house and get ready together.  Blare music, sip fun drinks, and enjoy getting ready together.  Or forgo getting ready together and plan on crashing at someone’s house after the wedding - a good, old-fashioned slumber party.  The older I get – the more removed from communal living I get – the more I appreciate these girly times.  They remind me of college and a time when my friends and I didn’t have such busy lives and responsibilities. 

New clothes and shoes. 
If you’ve got six weddings this summer, buying six new outfits probably isn’t affordable.  But before wedding season starts save up and buy a killer dress or pair shoes - something that you feel confident and beautiful in.  It will give you something to look forward to when you think about getting ready, and it’s always nice to know you look good!

No shame with this one.  I’ve been to so many weddings that I’ve become familiar with local catering companies and bakeries.  There have honestly been times that while driving to a wedding, or even during the ceremony, I’ll remember what delicious meal or cake awaits me and I’ll get so excited!

It’s no lie that wedding season can get expensive.  If celebrating other people’s love is already a challenging thing, forking over a bunch of money to do so doesn’t really help.  Here are some ways to survive wedding season without going broke. 

I know I just wrote about buying a new dress or shoes, but if you’ve got several weddings to attend, this just isn’t practical every time.  Try borrowing clothes, shoes, and accessories from a friend, or if you do a buy a new dress, buy something that is easy to re-accesorize.  Solid colored dresses can by styled so many different ways that it can look like you’re wearing a different dress each time.  Whereas a floral or polka-dotted dress is memorable and it will be more obvious you’re wearing the same one. 

Money can quickly add up when it comes to gift giving.  If you buy a gift from Target, and then a card, bag, and tissue paper, you can easily spend another $5-$10 on those last items.  If you go to four weddings, that could be an additional $40!  I used to buy bags, tissue paper, and even cards from the dollar store.  Many couples register at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and it’s pretty easy to come across BB&B coupons.  They’re often in magazines, newspapers (ask your parents to save them for you since you most likely don’t get the paper), or you can even find them by searching online.  If I had a coupon I was able to buy a nicer gift than I was originally planning to. 

If you’re traveling to an out of town wedding, it’s likely that you’ll be planning on carpooling.  Don’t forget that you can carpool to closer, local weddings too.  If you’ve got a lot of these coming up, every little bit of gas money saved could be worth it. 

Here’s the thing though, none of these tips, tricks, or advice will help your attitude about being single during wedding season unless your heart is in the right place.  And I can’t really tell you how to do that; it’s a personal, internal thing.  This is what you have to remember though: your friends love you, and you should feel honored that they want to share their special day with you.  Trust me, when they were making their guest list they were not thinking, “Who can we invite and rub it in their face that they’re single?” No; they clearly appreciate your friendship, and you can be a good friend to them by enjoying yourself at their wedding. 

Hopefully this was helpful.  Happy wedding season!

What about you, can you relate to this? If you have any other tips for surviving wedding season as a single girl, leave them in the comments below. I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Thanks so much for sharing, Aimee!

Here's to a fun and stress-free wedding season!

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