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Writing Update & The Road to Publication

Writing Update & The Road to Publication

As of yesterday I typed my 40,849th word, meaning I am right around the halfway point! Many of you have been asking me how my writing is going, and I've found it hard to answer.  Writing is a slow process, so while I'm still faithfully typing along each week, there's usually not a whole lot of big developments to report. 

With that being said, I thought I'd give y'all a little bit more insight into my writing plans and goals so you know what to look for over the upcoming months.

I'll paraphrase Hemingway in saying "the first draft of anything is crap". It's a sentiment I've heard expressed by different authors over and over.  So, while I'm almost halfway done with my first novel, I'm not really done.  This is just the first draft, and while I tend to edit as I go along, there are already plot holes I know I have to go back and fix and countless other things that need tweaking.  I view the first draft as a way to simply get the gist of the story out of my head and onto the page so that the real work can begin!

My (tentative) goal is to have my first draft completely finished by Christmas, and then the editing and re-writing will begin. Frankly, I'm not sure how long that will take so it's something I'm trying to hold loosely in my hand.

Once I've rewritten and edited until I can no longer see straight I'll either start the process of looking for an editor or sending out query letters in search of an agent.

On the wonderful chance that an agent thinks my story has potential and is marketable, and if they're taking on new authors and if my novel fits their niche and they decide to offer me representation, then will I really begin the road to publication.

An agent's job is to then pitch my novel to different publishing houses, and if a million little things line up perfectly then I may get offered a contract.

Whew, that's a lot of steps, and other than my writing, a lot of it is out of my control! It's easy to get discouraged when I look at the long road ahead, and to think that I'll never get there, but then I just remind myself of the main reasons I started writing in the first place.

Until I get to the point where I'm ready to look for an agent I'm doing all I can to learn about the craft of writing, including going to the American Christian Fiction Writer's Conference at the end of August!  While there, I'll not only have the opportunity to attend workshops led by some amazing authors (Cara Putman and Deborah Raney to name a few), but I've also signed up to meet one-on-one with an established author who will critique the first 20 pages of my manuscript and provide me with much-needed guidance and advice. Talk about intimidating!

So while I've still got many months, and probably years, of work ahead of me I wanted to let y'all know how much I appreciate your interest and questions when it comes to my writing!

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