So I Wrote A Book...Now What?

Many of you have asked "what's next" or my favorite, "when do I get to read your book?" (Can I just say that y'all are so encouraging and I love how you've celebrated along with me?!). So I wanted to fill you in on what's happening.

5 Great Books to Read on Spring Break

I got my first speeding ticket while coming home for Spring Break my junior year of college. To make it even better it was my old high school resource officer who pulled me over on one of the main roads in my hometown for all to see. Now, you may be thinking that with it being the start of Spring Break I was just eager to get home to start out on some epic road-trip or beach vacation planned with friends.

Create the Community You Crave

We crave to belong somewhere, to know who our people are. We want to feel connected, involved, wanted. But what if you don't have community? Maybe you walk into church or your campus ministry and you look around at all these different groups of people who seem like they belong, and you sit there alone wondering where you fit in. What now?