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5 Great Books to Read on Spring Break

I got my first speeding ticket while coming home for Spring Break my junior year of college. To make it even better it was my old high school resource officer who pulled me over on one of the main roads in my hometown for all to see. Now, you may be thinking that with it being the start of Spring Break I was just eager to get home to start out on some epic road-trip or beach vacation planned with friends.

Recipe & A Book Review: A Portrait of Emily Price

I had the privilege of meeting Katherine Reay this past summer at the ACFW conference, and I've been kicking myself ever since for not getting a picture with her! Recently, I had the opportunity to be part of Katherine's launch team for her latest novel, A Portrait of Emily Price, which just released this week! The majority of the book takes place in Italy, with the hero being a chef. Reay's food descriptions had me salivating throughout the entire book- you can practically smell the yeasty scent of dough rising and taste the tangy richness of tomato sauce.